History Stage 2 First Contacts: What’s your story? Book Rap

Book raps Structure and operation Book raps are a form of dialogic teaching in a blended learning environment – online book clubs. The rap co-ordinator promotes discussion through weekly online questions (rap points). The classroom teacher encourages face-to-face discussion of the rap points before individual or jointly-constructed responses are made online. Both the rap coordinator […]

NSW History Stage 2 First Contacts: Literary Learning Resource List

Infusing literary learning into the History curriculum enhances student understanding; students are endowed with narratives to connect abstract historical content to their everyday lives. When infusing literary learning into the History curriculum, literary texts should first be read with an aesthetic emphasis. Any consequent discussions of efferent (skills/content) elements should be prefaced with the author’s use of […]

History Curriculum and Literary Learning

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Literary learning is learning through literature – constructing new knowledge through personal response, analysis and critique of texts that reflect and affect humanity through works of the imagination. At the heart of literary learning is aesthetic personal response – enjoying literature, engaging to construct meanings and critical understandings of the text, the world and the […]